Unlike in B2C business, where NFTs, virtual reality, and digital clones are creating a new world that paves the way for personal experiences and experiences in physical-real and virtual space all the way to the metaverse, the scope of action in B2B is limited to a few — albeit important — experience points in the early relationship phase. Video documentaries in the style of Netflix can provide an innovation boost for experience marketing in the B2B environment.

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The only thing that makes marketing relevant is the customer experience. I hear and read this sentence more and more often.

Apart from…

World-famous brand manufacturers are increasingly penetrating directly to the end customer. Adidas wants to generate half of its sales via its online stores in a direct-to-customer approach by 2025. However, manufacturers have long since ceased to be concerned merely with saving trade margins, but with much more: the development of a new dimension of customer relations in the interests of shared responsibility for the socio-ecological restructuring of our economic system.

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I am deliberately referring here to “direct-to-customer” rather than “direct-to-consumer,” which is the more common reading for the direct approach to marketing and selling (primarily) FMCG goods.

Today, the Consumer

An original bill in Australia proposed to force Facebook to pay royalties when Facebook users link to content from Australian publishers and media companies and share it on the platform. That’s not going to happen. Facebook fought back — fortunately!

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Imagine this: You’re hosting a Tupper party at your house and suddenly your guests bring up the subject of blueberry pie. …

My timeline on LinkedIn is increasingly turning into a vanity fair for my contacts and theirs.

Especially at a time when good, fruitful conversations — conducted virtually — are becoming increasingly important, we should not squander the chance to do so.

It is time to change course.

Most of my contacts’ posts on LinkedIn are advertisements: either for themselves, for their products or events of the companies they work for.

And in between: Sponsored Posts — purchased ads. My timeline on LinkedIn resembles an endlessly long advertising board.

Rarely is there a post among them that stimulates an exchange of…

For companies and especially for brands, it is more important than ever to closely monitor current social and environmental sociological developments in order to better understand consumer and customer needs and address them through creative innovation.

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The creative agency WUNDERMAN THOMPSON has now published a report that takes a close look at 100 future trends from all possible areas of life and highlights some interesting examples.

From the area of “Brands & Marketing”, I have picked out 3 trends that I would like to briefly present here. They will have particular relevance for future marketing.

Ethical Scoreboard & Branding together

Programmatic advertising, which is based on spying on the privacy of millions of people, should not be favored by anything or anyone. Now Apple is ushering in the beginning of the end of this business model.

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The long loading times of individual web pages in the Chrome browser have been bugging me for quite a while. It was probably due to all the ads and popups that had to fight their auctions for lucrative advertising space in the background every time.

When a new version of Apple’s Safari browser was introduced shortly thereafter, promising better (the best) performance on the…

It was clear from the outset that alternative digital event formats would prevail in the wake of the Corona pandemic. But why are social audio formats like Clubhouse booming? One approach to explain.

Social audio — the new hype around the social stage

When I consider my own audio consumption, I listen to podcasts mainly while jogging and during longer routine activities that occupy my eyes but leave room for my auditory attention.

During the Corona period, we all move more outside in nature and also stay longer at home. There is more cooking, cleaning, tidying up. …

Spaghetti — by far the most popular noodle dish. They are regularly served in almost all parts of the world and are popular with young and old alike.

It’s generally acknowledged that SAP systems represent the heart of the companies that use them. But what does it feel like to be entrusted with protecting these central “organs” from incursions? Arndt Lingscheid, a veteran IT expert and presales consultant at Virtual Forge, is the right person to ask.

Arndt, the experts out there say that in the world of business, nothing runs without SAP. Do you agree?

Arndt Lingscheid: Absolutely. SAP has more than 300,000 customers around the world and supports 74% of all financial transactions, which makes it the biggest provider of business software in the world. …

Since WikiLeaks has released more than 1 million searchable emails from the Italian surveillance malware vendor Hacking Team, there has been a lot of coverage in the news about the contents of these emails. An important question for the SAP community remains: How big is the interest of Hacking Team in SAP systems and do they have any clients who want a targeted attack of SAP systems?


You may have read reports that pointed out various governments and companies that used the services of Hacking Team or were considering to do so. You may also…

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Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. (The Matrix)

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